Thank you for visiting PRINYMITY. I am Jarrit Hosking and I offer web design services. I have been doing this for just over a year now. I have built  websites for Non profit companies, to Car repair shops, my own website, book keeping website and more. I look forward to designing a website for you!

The number below is linked to both whatsapp and signal, so you can contact me on either.

Jarrit H.

Owner @ Prinymity
+27 66 118 0036

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About Us

Since Covid-19 I have focused more on website design due to social distancing and supporting the fact that people can gain much exposure through a website that is responsive. Of course linking it to your social media and google business, you can cover much more ground. Having a website is vital and I simply cannot do without it. To learn more about websites click here. . .

I also believe very strongly in anonymity of each and every individual, and that your information should not be exploited for free by companies making money off of you by observing your digital footprint. You have a right to privacy.

Whether you open a new account, take a loan, create an online account, giving away sensitive information to make a purchase. We never read through that stack of information that essentially gives permission to sell our information, and that will later bombard you with ads and irritating pop-ups on your computer and mobile device. Every time you search the net you are tracked through cookies, bots, phishing, click bait and so much more. There is a way to move away from it all when you want and that is just another part of Prinymity.


Using your credit /debit card has never been safer with a (VPN) - Virtual Private Network technology. Surfshark has a CleanWeb feature which blocks ads, malware, trackers, and phishing attempts at the DNS level, which means that it's undetectable by websites which do not tolerate ad blockers. Also, the CleanWeb is very helpful when traveling, as it helps to use less roaming data (by blocking ads) and have faster connection. Depending on a personal internet usage level, it can help to save as much as 30% of expected amounts of mobile roaming data.


Phone: +27 71 687 1308

Mobile: 066 118 0036

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