The system is simple and has never been easier, since all you have to do is refer the potential client and if they pay for a web design you get R1000! ! !

Let's get started!

Step 1

You may or may not have someone in mind, but hey, that is okay, refer them to prinymity for a website design and take it from there.

Step 3

Lets' get paid. Your referral pays up for the website designed for them. Once the funds reflect, I do an immediate transfer o your account, So ensure to supply those banking details to me.

Make money

Step 2

Closing the deal is important and also making sure that I know you are the person that made the referral, so lets' chat on whatsapp and make it happen.

Step 4

The client has paid and gotten a website that they are happy with and you are paid for the referral. Exactly what we wanted. A situation where we all win, so get in touch!

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