How to go anonymous

Best summed up, this is no easy task. You can never go totally anonymous
but you can go anonymous enough to not have marketers calling you every
5 minutes and everyone else in between knowing what you are doing online.


Privacy — How do you get hacked?

29 May 2021

Essentially we get hacked because we “willingly” hand over our information to many companies, and while some companies employ white hat hackers to exploit their systems finding weaknesses, it may not always go according to plan. Keep in mind, that banks, and other services you give your info to such as online stores when making online purchases, while somewhat secure all have a point in their system where your information may not be encrypted, and that is where the hacker lynches your data and can use it against you. That is one way. . .Other ways of looking for trouble is hunting for cracked software online, you can end up downloading a lot of malware, trojans and possibly worse.

Yup, social media, it connects us all in one way or the other and maybe connects us a little too much perhaps. No believe it or not but facebook actually has an onion link version of itself — facebookcorewwwi.onion It is said to be more secure but hey, its’ facebook, and surveillance is still its’ top priority. Okay, that aside, without 2 factor authentication you leave yourself wide open to hacks. Also randomly inviting strange people as friends can get you into trouble. I have seen plenty people get hacked on social media and people really should take heed.

Some points to consider

If the person friend requesting you looks suspicious, like 1 profile photo, pretty lady offering weird stuff, fake document offering and all the other obvious tell tale signs — block and move on.

Getting emails that clearly have grammar issues, or offer money etc from people you do not know, delete it. Never open their attachments, that is looking for trouble. Assess emails “from” banks and if it does not make sense, visit the bank directly.

On youtube you may get people saying that they want to be friends with funny names, never subscribe to them, as this a hack on you and if you subscribe, they can literally take over your youtube channel. Leave it and move on.

For my intents and purposes I always use an adblocker and https everywhere. These extensions for chrome and firefox are easily added for free and may save you a lot of trouble.

Some say a VPN has no value, I beg to differ and use one anyway.

Bitlocker and Veracrypt I believe is vital on your PC. Protecting your HDD is important and should not be taken lightly.

I hope this has been helpful and gives you some idea o how one gets hacked. The general idea is to have barrier between you and the hacker. Nothing is hack proof really but you can make it more difficult for people to hack your social media with 2 way authentication, not giving your banking details to just any online store, use a VPN and while many say there is no value to a free antivirus I once again beg to differ. I use panda dome free version and every now and again I run TRON on my PC for an extra deep clean.

Using your credit /debit card has never been safer with a (VPN) — Virtual Private Network technology uses a CleanWeb feature which blocks ads, malware, trackers, and phishing attempts at the DNS level, Read more. . .

A VPN has other great features such as:

1. Streaming

2. Torrenting

3. Blocking ads on your smart TV and other devices

4. An extra layer of security never hurt anyone


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