Why linux?

The obvious reason is that linux is more secure in many ways and doesn't have all the clunky files that windows systems have. Linux also does not have the habit of sending everything on your computer to companies, so they can study your daily habits and routines for marketing and who knows what. Your Windows machine operates a bit like Facebook and if you are familiar with Edward Snowden then you know he has covered these points. Linux does not attract viruses, it does not need an antivirus at all and you can make it far more secure than a windows or Mac machine.

pop os and mint

What linux OS to use as a beginner?

This will vary from person to person but it is recommended that these particular two are great for beginners. The two operating systems are pop OS and mint OS. A third one that I would recommend is zorin OS, it too is pretty good for a beginner. You can download either one below. For more check out Chris Titus Tech - (CTT).


Linux can be like walking into a maze

Starting out new with linux can feel very much like walking into a maze. Command prompt is now Terminal, installing files takes place by using terminal commands such as "Sudo apt-get install. . ." and the choice of your software. Do not fret, there are many youtubers that cover this and give you step by step guides to find your way around linux as a new user.


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