Get Windows 11

Windows 11 is not all that complicated and crazy. It is essentially Windows 10 with a twist that has a few ways to get around. All of it is free and legal 👍

Tweaks to Windows

While the tool in the video was designed to tweak Windows 10, I gave it a go on both my Computers running Windows 11 and it works great. I would recommend using it on your version at your own risk of course.

Secure Win 11

Some great tweaks you can make to Windows 11 to help out with security on your system. Windows in general is a pretty vulnerable system to exploits, viruses and so on, so it is worth tweaking it to be the best it can.

Windows running phone Apps?

Wow, this is going to be interesting, but great breakdown of what to look forward to in terms of running Apps, but you have to have an amazon and Microsoft account to do this. Watch the video for more.


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