online scams


The imagination of scammers has grown to new heights, even bringing back old forgotten scams to creating new ones. You may not have anything to hide but most of what is on your computer can be used to exploit almost every aspect of you from hacking into your bank account, stealing your work files - (Ransomware, Phishing, Hacking) to name a few.

Lets' see some scams going around

Phone call that someone is tampering with your account

It is not common that the bank is aware that someone has tampered with your
bank account, so receiving such a call is suspicious at best. If you received 
the call on a landline, you should use your mobile to call the bank and the reason
for that is below. 

phone tamper scam

Know what a fake email looks like

There are plenty fake emails making the rounds and if you are not sure, hopefully this video can give you some ideas on how to spot it when you come across it.

What is phishing?

Phishing Website?  🎣???

Here is a walk through of what a phishing website does, how it is created to give you a better idea of what to look for and be more savvy when online. Keep  in mind there are many forms of phishing, so never click on anything you feel vaguely unsure of. Also feel free to Sub to 
Loi Liang Yang's channel.

Spy cameras

A look into the world of spy cameras that could be watching you in a normal every day setting. Technology like this is becoming more and more out of control and resulting in a business - a really sketchy business. . .


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